Mary Saile

My inspiration with art began in the 70s while taking ECE classes in Junior College and discovered art with children.  I found that nothing brings me more joy than working with kids to help develop their artistic talents.

in the 80s, I bought a box of beads at a garage sale for $5 and discovered that I enjoy creating jewelry.  In between doodling at the Kitchen table with a cup of tea and making jewelry, I discovered polymer clay at my granddaughter’s birthday party, and was intrigued by the endless possibilities.   Well, I dove right in and soon was making beautiful jewelry with it.

When COVID hit, being stuck at home, I did what many others did and started watching art videos on youtube.  I was amazed at the works of people using acrylic paint pouring techniques, so I began exploring this universe.  This led me to create my first series, feathers made by pulling a string through paint.  I wanted to create my own unique beach style and came up with my jellyfish series.

I created my “Burning Tree” series to honor the suffering and devastation caused by the ongoing fires in California. 

Art is fun and makes me smile and laugh.  I need to do it every day.

Burning Tree #17

10 x 20 Acrylic pour and swipe

Mary donates to the California Fire Foundation for each “Burning Tree” artwork sold.


10 x 20 Acrylic



Jellyfish #7

10 x 20 Acrylic