David Saile

When my father taught me to play chess at age 8, I was immediately fascinated by the magic of the ever unfolding drama in this miniature world.

In my art, I try to bring that magic to life by merging chess and real world elements into a scene.  I call these scenes “ChessScapes”.

Through my ChessScapes I create images to challenge the viewer’s imagination. Each work represents a meticulously crafted virtual world, inviting one to step in and explore.

I like to inject a little mystery into the mix, which leaves much to discover upon further examination. Look for what’s in the reflections – it may not be what you expect, or notice the positions on the board – it may be an unsolved chess problem!

Gathering Forces
(Limited Edition)

The tension mounts as forces are gathered for the upcoming conflict.

40 x 25 Digital art on aluminum

Forgotten Game
(Limited Edition)

Hidden underwater lies an ancient chess game never completed for reasons unknown.

36 x 24 Digital art on aluminum

Fish and Bull

Tauris and Pisces meet up for a friendly game of chess (Pisces wins in two).

17 x 11 Digital art on aluminum