Becca Russell


 My husband and I are new transplants to Crescent City and we couldn’t be happier. What a wonderful community!

Art has always played a huge role in my life.  My job as a bakery technician kept my artistic side flowing. I was fortunate to have a job that I truly loved. It was challenging and creative. Something that I craved. 

When I had to retire early, I dove into art that I had been wanting to do for years but never had the time. Working full time and raising 3 beautiful daughters didn’t leave much room for anything else.

I stumbled on a video of a man drawing mandalas. I instantly became intrigued with the beauty and symmetry. I decided to combine my love for pyrography and mandala drawing. My passion was born.

Now I hand draw mandalas on to wood blanks, wood burn the design, sometimes adding color, and then I pour it with epoxy resin for a glass like finish. 

I make a variety of different pieces– clocks, lazy susans, wall decor, trays, charcuterie planks, etc.

Coastal Morning


Spring Day