About the Gallery

The Crescent Harbor Art Gallery is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cultural awareness and the enhancement of art appreciation to the public.

The members graciously volunteer their time to staff the gallery and participate in the events that promote the gallery.

There is a wide variety of art for our visitors to enjoy: paintings, photography, pottery, carvings, giclees, jewelry, sculpture, cards and prints.

  • The gallery exhibits are completely re-hung every other month to allow a wide variety of member art to be displayed.
  • Crescent Harbor Art Gallery is dedicated to promoting the arts in our area. We schedule classes and workshops for both children and adults.
  • We encourage the ethnic diversity in the arts within our community and make space available for the community exhibits at select times.
  • Annual Art scholarships began in 1966 that are awarded to an artist who chooses to follow education in the arts.

From humble beginnings in 1961, the CRESCENT HARBOR ART GALLERY continues to bring local artists together and proudly promote art in our community. Come visit and perhaps join our organization to sustain our mission and legacy as a member.


Please come and see the beautiful Items In our gallery

President:  Steven Washburn
Vice President: Beverly Kukuk
Secretary: Debbie Dean
Treasurer: Aleisha Bradley

Board of Directors
Tiffany Brown
Doris Dalbec
Cathy Dean
Pauline Holmes
Beverly Kukuk
David Saile
Hank Northrip
Pat Thorpe
Steve Washburn